Pestle and Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser

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A natural gel cleanser that hydrates, illuminates and helps clear pores so skin looks more radiant.

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The Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser Gel is a natural illuminating gel cleanser.

It’s been formulated with Fruit Enzymes and Superoxide Dismutase to help clear and tighten pores, enhance skin tone and, of course, give you fresh, clean skin.

It has a luscious gel texture that cleans without foaming and leaves the skin feeling comforted and hydrated.

This lightweight formulation gently refines the skin and leaves it looking brighter, clearer and smoother.

Why Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser?

This is gentle gel cleanser that leaves the skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and calm.

It also illuminates the skin through gentle exfoliation using enzymes and infuses the skin with antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids.

Key ingredients

The key ingredients in the Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser include:

Superoxide Dismutase is a super smart antioxidant enzyme that protects skin cells from highly reactive and damaging superoxide radicals. These superoxide radicals ages skin. Superoxide Dismutase is naturally found in the skin but diminishes with age. Adding some of this potent antioxidant into your skin care will give your skin some extra support in protecting itself against environmental stressors.

Papaya Fruit Extract, Mango Fruit Extract and Radish Root Ferment Filtrate gently exfoliate the skin to give you a glowing complexion. By clearing away old skin cells, your complexion will look brighter and your skin care products will absorb better.

The Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser also contains some of our favourite oils – Jojoba, Meadowfoam and Vitamin E – to round out the skin benefits. These blanket the skin in antioxidants and fatty acids, and leave your skin feeling silky and soft.

It has a light citrus-like fragrance from Bergamot and Lemon oils.


  • Skin is cleansed and fresh.
  • Skin is hydrated and feels soft.
  • Skin is refined and looks illuminated.
  • Enlarged pores look less visible.
  • Texture and tone are improved.
  • Clogged pores are diminished.

Double cleansing

The Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser can be used on its own as a gentle and hydrating cleanser or as part of a double cleanse.

This cleanser  has been developed to respect the health or the skin and protect the skin barrier.

If you use heavy makeup or mineral sunscreen, we recommended you double cleanse your skin at night by using a balm or oil cleanser for your fist cleanse. Double cleansing makes a noticeable difference to the appearance and health of your skin. The first cleanse removes makeup and sunscreen without drying, while the second cleanse actually cleanses your skin.

Use it with the very gorgeous Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew Double Cleanse Facial Cloth. These exceptional quality cotton face cloths have a soft cotton towelling on one side and a muslin cloth on the other.

Using the Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew Double Cleanse Facial Cloth with the gel cleanser will amp up your skin care results and ensure all traces of pollutants, makeup and cleanser are removed. You’ll also get some physical exfoliation to keep skin looking clear and bright.

Double cleansing at night better prepares your skin for your serums and other treatment products. Your skin will be able to better absorb them so they can do their good work.

You can read all about how to double cleanse in our blog.

Best for

This cleanser suits all skin types, and is gentle enough even for sensitive and rosacea skin types.

You can use the Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser morning and evening without causing dryness or irritation.

Pestle & Mortar delivers exceptional clean beauty without compromise.

Perfect Pairs

Use with the Pestle & Mortar Erase Cleansing Balm or the Shu Uemura Ultime8 Cleansing Oil

Good to know

Pestle & Mortar products are clean and conscious and powered by science. The brand believes in simple solutions for beautiful skin.

Free from parabens, fragrance and propylene glycol.

Not tested on animals. Suitable for vegans.

The Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser has a light citrus-like scent that doesn’t linger once washed off.

It comes in an airless pump dispenser to preserve the natural ingredients and allow you to dispense the perfect amount. Only a small amount of cleanser is need to get the job done, so it lasts a surprisingly long time.

Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser Review

Actually the best cleanser ever. Love the texture. It’s slightly scented. Left my skin super super soft and clean. I use it for my second cleanse. Have tried loads of different gel cleansers but this is by far the BEST EVER.


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