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Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is an Italian skin care brand that’s committed to Skin, Science and Soul.

Comfort Zone focuses on research to understand the skin and what it needs to preserve its health and vitality. It uses the most advanced medical and scientific studies to guide the development of formulations and ensure ongoing excellence.

Comfort Zone also stands out for is it commitment to people’s total health, and not just skin health. The brand philosophy is based on recognising that the skin cannot be treated separately to the individual. Its higher purpose is to encourage people to take care for themselves and to live more soulfully.

Comfort Zone takes integrity to the next level by declaring what percentage of its ingredients are natural rather than making a blanket claim. It only uses the highest quality ingredients and doesn’t use chemical nasties or questionable ingredients, which means no silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or animal derivatives.

This brand’s products are thoughtfully and beautifully formulated. Using them gives you a feeling of being transported to a luxury spa.

At Skin Clinica, we intentionally choose products that have proven actives and deliver results, while also respecting the health of the skin. We particularly love the Remedy Range and have found it to be perfect for sensitive and rosacea skin types.

Comfort Zone’s products are manufactured in Italy using energy from renewable resources.

They’re vegan and cruelty free.


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