Why Buy From Us

Wondering why buy from us?

Here are 10 reasons why you might like to shop here.

  1. We’re experts in skin care.
  2. We focus on science, actives and results.
  3. We also focus on clean beauty. We screen the skin care products we sell … carefully. We want you to get results without all the nasties. We actively select skin care products that use the safest and kindest ingredients for you, your skin and the planet.
  4. We test and rate our skin care products, and only stock those that have earned a minimum of 4 stars.
  5. We offer free skin care consultations to help you find the best skin care products for your skin.
  6. We’re a friendly lot and you can call us to talk to a skin care professional, not someone in a sales call centre, about skin care routines and skin care ingredients.
  7. We believe in truth in skin care and we share that with you.
  8. We’re small in a good way, not a faceless corporation without heart.
  9. We offer free shipping for purchases over $99.
  10. We’re based in Australia and your products are in stock and shipped to you fast.

Why Buy From Us

We care about what we put on our skin and we care about what you put on your skin.

If we won’t use it, we won’t sell it. That’s why we spent two years researching, testing and rating the skin care products in our shop.

We obsessed over finding the most effective and safest skin care products. We did all the hard work so you don’t have to.

We hope you love our selection as much as we do.

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