Why choose I'm From?

I’m From is another successful brand from Wishtrend.

Like other brands in the house of Wishtrend, it develops high quality skin care products that use low irritant ingredients and the safest possible preservatives. This makes most of its products suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

The less is more approach is evident, with formulations using only essential ingredients. The products feature hero actives in high concentrations, rather than a multitude of  ingredients, as is often seen in Korean skin care products.

Why choose I’m From?

The brand promises transparency, honest ingredients and no harmful additives.

It’s known for using distinctive ingredients. These are sourced from the cleanest natural environments and are sole origin.

I’m From is transparent about where these ingredients come from, right down to who produces them. This ensures the ingredients have consistent characteristics so that you get better results. For example, mugwort extract from Ganghwa, fig extract from Yeong-am, honey from Jiri Mountain, volcanic ash from Jeju Island and rice from Yeoju.

The brand has a natural bent and avoids the use of harsh ingredients, artificial colouring and questionable preservatives or other additives.

The diverse and distinctive hero ingredients, with their standout natural textures and colours, have made I’m From products a hit among skin care lovers. I’m From’s signature products include the brightening and hydrating I’m From Rice Toner and the soothing I’m From Honey Mask.

Not only are the products of the highest quality, they’re also affordable. The packaging also reflects the brand’s approach: attractive and functional, but not wasteful.

We also like that Wishtrend promotes positive change within its ecosystem. It supports doing good by way of ensuring sustainable supply chains, undertaking cruelty-free testing and promoting more conscious consumer choices.

I’m From is a sister brand to other K-beauty greats COSRX, Klairs and Wishtrend.

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I’m From Rice Toner

The I’m From Rice Toner has been a runaway hit for the brand.

This milky toner has a lovely light texture that’s instantly hydrating, but doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky or tacky.

It soothes, calms and gently refines the skin using a high concentration of rice and rice bran extracts. In addition, it contains other skin-enhancing ingredients, including Niacinamide, Purslane Extract, Amaranth Seed Extract and Adenosine.

What you won’t find is fragrance, essential oils, irritants or comedogenic ingredients, making it suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

Not only does this toner boost surface moisture, it lightly exfoliates and gradually enhances tone.

Your skin will feel comforted and look more radiant.

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I’m From testimonial

Wishtrend did so well with this whole line. It works just wonderfully for sensitive skin in need of soothing hydration and minimalist-style care. The toner will likely remain the standout bestseller, since it has been endorsed by so many well-known skinfluencers.

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