About Us

Welcome to Skin Clinica … where we do skin care differently.

We are so glad you have found us. Our passion is great skin. Achieving it and retaining it are major challenges for most of us, especially as we start to age. And that is why Skin Clinica was created.

We want you to better understand how to care for your skin, know what products work best for you and how to get the most out of your spend. No one wants to waste money on products that do not deliver or, worse, do more harm than good.

We also know many of you do not want to be locked into going to a dermatology or aesthetic clinic to put together an effective skin care routine or buy skin care products with active ingredients.

We hope we can help by sharing our knowledge, being truthful about skin care claims and guiding you through the labyrinth. We want you to be able to find products that really get the job done, without loads of chemical nasties.

Ours is an independent voice. We are guided by what the research tells us, what our experience is in testing products and how users, like you, rate products. Marketing claims, social media ‘editorials’ and patent smokescreens are meaningless to us. We look past these factors to focus on what the product actually delivers.

If you too are passionate about skin care, spend some time exploring our website and discovering more about Skin Clinica and what we have to offer.

In the exciting and ever-changing world of skin care, there is always more to know.

Why Skin Clinica

We have so many skin care products and ingredients available to us from around the world these days that it has become all too confusing.

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About Our Founder

Like many of you, I’ve been fascinated by skin care for most of my life and long searched for the best skin care routine and products.

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