Why choose Laneige?

Laneige is a global brand that was launched by cosmetics powerhouse Amorepacific.

La neige means snow in French and this links to Laneige’s central brand focus on hydration. The brand believes that hydrated skin is the foundation of happy and luminous skin.

Laneige products reflect its expertise in advanced water science technology.

Laneige was the first of Amorepacific’s brands to gain mass popularity around the world.

Given this brand’s parentage, it’s not surprising that Laneige has a strong emphasis on R&D. Its focus on innovation and patented technologies allows it to turn out winning products that deliver noticeable results.

Laneige, and the R&D team behind it at Amorepacific, really know hydration. Its advanced water complexes include:

As every skin type can benefit from increased hydration, Laneige products have wide appeal and a loyal following.

It does not present itself as a natural brand. However, like many other Korean-origin brands, Laneige uses ingredients that have the highest safety and lowest irritancy profiles.

Laneige launched in South Korea in 1994, but later expanded across Asia and Europe, even opening a store in Moscow. It entered the US market in 2014, but it wasn’t until it partnered with Sephora in 2017 to debut its Lip Sleeping Mask that it came to the attention of beauty addicts, influencers and editors and became a desirous brand.

Laneige’s flagship products include the Lip Sleeping Mask, the Water Bank Moisture Cream, the Water Sleeping Mask, the Cica Sleeping Mask, the Cream Skin Toner and Moisturiser, and the Glowy Makeup Serum.

Other products in its range also have their own novel technologies. For example:

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You also may be interested in another of Amorepacific’s results-focused clean skin care brands, Primera. It marries science and nature. The R&D team has extensively studied some 500 varieties of seeds, a storehouse of nutrients, to find those that offer the best actives for the skin. Primera intentionally excludes various ingredients it considers harmful from its products.

The Primera Miracle Seed Essence is a favourite of ours and deservedly has a loyal following among those in the know around the world. Discover it in our shop.

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