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Fights infection, relieves inflammation and creates a moist environment for healing. Recommended by everyone from beauty artists to dermatologists.

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Boiron Homeoplasmine Pommade is the French equivalent of Aquaphor or Vaseline, but better.

This repairing balm soothes, protects and moisturises the skin.

It’s much loved by everyone from mums to beauty artists and from nurses to dermatologists.

You’ll find it in many bathroom cabinets and emergency kits around the world.

Think of it as a must-have SOS for the skin.

And now you can get it easily in Australia.

Why Homeoplasmine?

This balm was created as a homeopathic treatment for skin irritations, scratches, grazes and bruises and just about anything else you can think of. You can also use to soothe sunburn, promote the healing of cracks, relieve dry lips, soften cuticles and comfort the sides of the nose due to colds or hayfever. Some people even use it for slugging under the eye area.

Gwyneth Paltrow put this French beauty fave on the international radar when she raved about it and revealed that it was used behind the scenes by leading makeup artists at fashion weeks in Milan and Paris, whether as a lipstick primer or to help heal skin imperfections super fast.

Unlike Vaseline and Paw Paw Ointment, Homeoplasmine is not super sticky and gross on your skin.

It protects the skin against irritants, keeps the skin moist and promotes healing.

Apply only a small amount to comfort the skin and trap moisture.

This is truly a multi-purpose product that’s both effective and lovely to use, leaving a velvety soft finish.

Homeoplasmine ingredients

Homeoplasmine combines traditional plant extracts in a base of Vaseline. The plants extracts fight infection and relieve inflammation, allow the skin to repair and regenerate. The Vaseline shields the area and keeps it moist, creating the ideal environment for healing to occur.

Boric Acid is used for its antimicrobial properties. It fights skin pathogens and prevents infections, which reduces inflammation and enables healing.

Phytolacca, or Poke Root, has been used traditionally to ease inflammation. The plant’s saponins are thought to reduce irritation and redness.

Calendula, otherwise known as Marigold, is a soothing plant extract used to calm and repair the skin.

Bryonia, or Byrony, is used for its anti-inflammatory and analgaesic effects. It has been used traditionally as a poultice for bruises and inflamed joints.

Vaselinum Album is the famous Vaseline. It’s highly occlusive, which means it sits in top of the skin and prevents water loss. It also creates a moist environment that’s protective, promotes healing and reduces scarring. Studies have demonstrated that petrolatum is safe, doesn’t get absorbed and is non-comedogenic.

Homeoplasmine uses

Here are some ways you can use your Homeoplasmine. But don’t let us limit your applications.

  • relieve chapping
  • prime lips
  • remedy dry patches – apply over moisturiser
  • tame unruly eyebrows
  • soothe mild rashes and insect bites
  • accelerate healing of small wounds
  • treat damaged cuticles
  • keep areas of eczema moist
  • slug the under-eye area

Best for

Most skin types.

Those with sensitive skin and rosacea need to patch test first as it contains Boric Acid and plant extracts.

Good to know

Homeoplasmine is not a moisturiser.

Use it as a spot repair treatment, in line with the manufacturer’s advice.

No fragrance or essential oils.

Cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Our product is guaranteed authentic. Now you can buy it from us in Australia and not risk getting counterfeit, old or heat-damaged stock.

Perfect pairs

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Boiron ethos

Homeoplasmine is made by Boiron, the largest maker of homeopathic products in the world.

It’s based in France but operates in 59 countries.

Boiron was founded in 1932 by pharmacists Jean and Henri Boiron, both of whom studied science and microbiology.

Jeand and Henri became leaders in the world of homeopathy and even introduced homeopathy into the French Pharmacopoeia in 1965.

The company is well-known for its Homeoplasmine skin balm, Arnicare pain remedy and Oscillococcinum flu reliever.

It’s been founded on the belief that homeopathy is more compassionate, holistic and ecological – a better way to achieve and sustain health.

Boiron continues to pursue its vision to create the purest and highest quality medicines and ensure sustainable practices. It believes that it can make a difference by operating in ways that result in products that are better for you, better for environment and better for the community.

For this reason, it focuses on the environment, employees and the community.

Homeoplasmine review

I can’t rave about this balm enough! I use it every night on my lips and handles/cuticles. I also put it under my eyes sometimes or on any dry patches. A tube lasts ages as well, highly recommend.


How to use

Apply a thin layer to affected areas one to three times a day.

For external use only: do not apply to inside of the ears or nose.

Do not apply to the upper eyelids.

Do not apply to infected or oozing lesions.

Do not apply under closed dressings or diapers.

Do not use on infants.

Do not use if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Cease using immediately if you have experience or an allergic reaction.


Active ingredients

Boric Acid, Phytolacca, Calendula and Bryonia.


Boric Acid (4%), Phytolacca Officinalis (0.3%), Calendula Officinalis (0.1%), Bryonia (0.1%), Benzoin (0.1%), Vaselinum Album.

1 review for Boiron Homeoplasmine Pommade

  1. Anna Marie

    Homeoplasmine is the French equivalent of Aquaphor and Vaseline, but better. I find Aquaphor and Vaseline unpleasant to use and, besides, I don’t like that Aquaphor contains Lanolin and Alcohol! Not only does Homeoplasmine deliver, but it’s nice to use. The balm creates a barrier that traps moisture and promotes healing. It also contains plant extracts that have been used in traditional medicine to reduce redness, irritation and inflammation. You can use it on small skin injuries but also for beauty purposes. You only need the tiniest amount so it lasts ages. It goes on thick and provides a protective layer. Homeoplasmine settles into the skin rather than leaving an unpleasant greasy finish. It’s highly soothing and softening. A nice one to have on hand.

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