Pores Skin Care

Want to know what causes pores to be visible and what you can do to minimise their appearance? Looking to find the right skin care routine and skin care products to use to help reduce the look of your pores? To start, it is important to understand what causes pores to be visible.

Many people are concerned about their pores and struggle to find ways to make them appear less visible. There are many products on the market that promise to make those pores vanish, however you really need to consider what is causing the pores to be more noticeable before buying into skin care claims. While some pores may respond quickly to targeted skin care products, others will take some time to improve or require in-clinic treatments.

This is influenced by the type of pores you have, so it is important to look at your skin closely and identify the look of your pores. There are two types of enlarged pores, round and diagonal, and each has a different cause:

Enlarged round pores are due to clogged pores or oiliness, which make the pores look more obvious.

Diagonal pores are due to ageing skin that is losing volume and starting to sag.

Cleansing correctly twice a day with the right products can reduce oiliness can unclog existing pores and prevent new ones from forming. Studies show that using a cleanser with Salicylic Acid can help unclog pores. Some cleansers containing Salicylic Acid are gentle enough to use every day, however to avoid irritation and dryness it is usually recommended to limit usage to once a day, at night. While this may be enough for a few, most people will also need other treatments to control their oiliness and treat their blemishes. Visit our page on Acne and Oily Skin for further information on what helps.

Hydrating treatments such as Hyaluronic Acid serums and quality moisturisers temporarily plump the skin to make pores appear less visible. Vitamin C and Retinol can help build collagen over time so skin appears firmer and tighter, while also making pores look smaller.

The use of skin acids also may be helpful. Not only do skin acids exfoliate refine the epidermis, making it appear more radiant, they also have been shown to encourage collagen production. Of course, it is important not to overdo exfoliation, as you could damage the skin barrier function and cause further skin problems.

Niacinamide plays a role in controlling sebum production in the skin.

Peptides and growth factors are gentler active ingredients used in anti-ageing skin care, however there remain questions around their potential to penetrate to deliver their benefits.

Visit our pages on Hero Ingredients to find out more about those active ingredients that are backed by science for their anti-ageing effects. Also read our information on UV protection and Sunscreen Ingredients, as UV radiation damages collagen and elastin in the skin.

Irrespective of whether you have round or diagonal pores, always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher to prevent sun damage and premature ageing of your skin.

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