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Healthy skin : best skin care routine to achieve it

Healthy Skin

We all want results from our skin care routine. But are we buying the best skin care products or just the best skin care claims? Skin care science and skin care marketing are not the same thing. Being the voice of truth, we need to tell you that great skin can only be achieved slowly over time, with patience and dedication. Skin remodelling is not like house remodelling on those not-so-real reality TV shows.

Unprotected UV exposure greatest cause of premature skin ageing

Sunscreen Ingredients

The sun is the leading cause of skin damage. Yet, for some reason, we tend to skimp on how much we spend on sunscreen while happily going overboard on other skin care products. We assume that all sunscreen ingredients are equally safe and so do not consider whether some are best avoided.

Fragrance oils in skin care products

Fragrance Oils in Skin Care

Skin care manufacturers love to use fragrance oils. Sometimes to mask the smell of other ingredients in their formulations, but usually because consumers say they enjoy it as part of their experience of application.

Essential oils in skin care products

Essential Oils In Skin Care

There has been an explosion in skin care products claiming to be natural. Leaving aside the debate around what natural is, we remain concerned about the increasing levels of essential oils being used not simply to fragrance products but to preserve them.

Healthy, glowing skin starts with the skin barrier

The Skin Barrier

It all starts with the skin barrier, the outermost layer of the skin. This is the first line of defence for our skin, and it functions to keep pollutants and bacteria out while keeping moisture in.

SKIN CLINICA : best skin care routine for men

Skin Concerns

We’ve got your skin concern covered: acne, dryness, oiliness, pigmentation, sensitivity, rosacea, visible pores. With our Skin Intelligence, you can find the best skin care routine for your skin.

Find best skin care routine with SKIN CLINICA

Skin Care Ingredients

The search for great skin care products is like being at a wedding banquet but finding nothing to eat. Despite the thousands of products offering much hope and promise, so few meet our criteria.

Are natural skin care products really clean and green?

Hero Ingredients

Every story that has a villain also has to have a hero. Ours has many heroes. And just like heroes in literature and film, our heroes are here because they have special achievements. Of course, there are many, many other great ingredients, both established and emerging, however we have included those with the most science behind them and can benefit many skin types.

Best anti-ageing skin care

Skin’s Youth Layer

What really makes us look old? Collagen and elastin in the dermis provide the structural support for our skin. Over time, they are damaged through the natural ageing process, smoking, our diets and exposure to UV radiation. Our skin then starts to lose its youthful fullness, lines develop and sagging starts to occur.