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This Karamaye Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is made of the finest and most prized mulberry silk thread. It’s been woven into silk charmeuse, the queens of silks. And it’s graded 6A grade, the highest quality, and comes in 22 momme.

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Looking for a beautiful mulberry silk pillowcase in Australia?

We’ve got just the one: the highest quality without the ritzy price.

Amp up your skin care and hair care routines with our indulgent Karamaye Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.

We tested this pillowcase against some top brand names and this one came out on top for silk quality, lustre, smoothness, manufacture and durability.

Why a mulberry silk pillowcase?

Silk enhances the sleep experience, and you know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.

A mulberry silk pillowcase has long been one of the top beauty secrets of celebrities, models, beauty experts and even dermatologists.

Sleep keeps you healthy, but it also keeps you younger because a lot happens while you sleep. Blood flow to the skin increases, UV damage is repaired and collagen is produced, helping to reduce pigmentation and wrinkles.

A lack of sleep makes us look older. We all know about dullness, droopy eyes, dark circles and puffiness. But did you also know that a lack of sleep results in skin ageing faster and not recovering as well from UV exposure and pollutants?

A mulberry silk pillowcase delivers a number of skin and hair benefits:

  • natural, odourless and hypoallergenic
  • absorbs significantly less of your precious skin creams
  • retains skin moisture so it feels less dry in the morning skin
  • leaves hair feeling soft and smooth rather than dry and frizzy in the morning
  • creates fewer sleep wrinkles and crinkles
  • leaves hair less tangled and unruly in the morning (unless, of course, you prefer the bed hair look!)

Besides all that good stuff, silk is heavenly to sleep on … we promise. Perfect if you want a great sleeping experience.

It’s also a good choice if you have an allergy, sensitive skin or a skin condition.

You can read all about the Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase and the Best Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin in our blog.

Why Karamaye mulberry silk pillowcase?

The Karamaye Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is made from the finest and most prized silk thread: 100% mulberry silk.

It’s been woven into silk charmeuse — the ultimate silk fabric. Silk charmeuse is the silkiest, most shimmery and softest of all silks. And it has an exquisite hand feel. This is why it’s considered the queen of silks.

This silk pillowcase comes in 22 momme, the perfect combination of lustre, thickness, softness and durability.

And it’s 6A grade, the highest and most sought after.

Product details

Here are the details of our mulberry silk pillowcase you need to know.

Silk thread

100% mulberry silk.

This is recognised the world over as the softest, smoothest and finest silk thread.

Silk weave

Silk charmeuse, the most luxurious of all silk weaves.

Silk grade


Mulberry silk is graded according to quality. Only 1-3% of mulberry silk is of high enough quality to be graded 6A.


22 momme.

Momme is a Japanese measure of weight and is a key indicator of quality.

This is an ideal weight for silk pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets.

It’s silky smooth and soft, but weighty enough to last.


It has an envelope enclosure. This is important as zippers cause damage to the silk, especially if you like to put yours in the washing machine.

It comes with its own little silk pouch for storing neatly.


Natural pearlescent white.

6A grade mulberry silk is naturally white and has few to no imperfections. Given its naturally beautiful colour and sheen, it doesn’t need to be chemically treated to look white. Inferior grades are more yellowish.


This silk pillowcase measures 48 x 73cm.

Good to know

The Karamaye Mulberry Silk Pillowcase comes with its own matching mulberry silk pouch so that you can store it and keep it protected.

It also comes boxed in a blue and gold box ready for giving, even if to yourself!

Warning: Keep your pillowcase away from your partner or expect to never get it back. Otherwise, buy two … to be sure!

Make sure you check our guides on buying the best silk pillowcases in Australia in our blog.

But if you don’t mind spoiling the ending, select a quality-made mulberry silk pillowcase in 19-25 momme.

How to use

By caring for your silk, you will get the most out of it and it will give you a long life.

We recommend hand washing using wool wash or other gentle liquid detergent.

You can also place it in a soft lingerie bag and wash on a gentle cycle of no more than 30º C in a front-load washing machine with like colours.

Do not place in a top-load washing machine as these pull and tear the silk fibres over time.

Use a laundry liquid for delicates and woollens, not a laundry powder. And do not use fabric softener.

Roll up in an old towel to remove moisture — do not wring. Alternatively use a short, gentle spin.

Dry indoors on a drying rack or outdoors in shade.

Following these instructions will preserve the beneficial properties of your mulberry silk pillowcase and ensure its lasts a long time.

Love is worth it!

  • Wash prior to first use.
  • Launder whites, colours and prints separately.
  • Only launder with other gentle, lightweight items.
  • Do not rub, soak or wring.
  • Do not bleach or use fabric softeners.
  • Remove promptly from washing machine once cycle is finished.
  • Do not tumble try.
  • Dry indoors on a drying rack or line dry in shade.
  • If desired, press with cool iron, inside out or use an ironing cloth.
  • Do not dry clean.

For further instructions, you can read our 11 Tips to Care for your Slip our blog article Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase


100% mulberry silk

2 reviews for Karamaye Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

  1. Anna Marie

    This is the most gorgeous silk pillowcase. Made from the highest quality Mulberry silk charmeuse. Wonderfully soft and silky for the perfect night’s sleep. At 22 momme, it’s just the right thickness. Lower momme pillowcases don’t wear well. This silk pillowcase is better than many others at twice the price. It has an envelope opening, which is important as zips can damage silk, especially in the wash. The white of this pillowcase is just right. It has such a beautiful drape and lustre. Who can resist? The perfect gift for anyone … or yourself. Comes with its own little silk storage pouch. Love it! I’m sure you will too.

  2. Scott

    What a lovely pillowcase! Thanks for a great night’s sleep 🙂

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